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Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing In 2017

Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing In 2017

When faced with all the demands of running a business, time becomes a precious commodity. Plenty of this time is taken up by marketing activities. Since a day can only afford us 24 hours and no more, you should be seriously considering outsourcing your brand or company promotion activities to a digital marketing agency and focusing on what you normally do best. This is especially necessary as you may not be entirely up to date with what digital marketing is like in a place like Singapore. With the every changing technological landscape, a marketing method that works today can become obsolete tomorrow.

It is great to have your own in-house digital marketing team but outsourcing provides more benefits. Contrary to the past when outsourcing was viewed as a dirty practice of hiring cheap low-quality labor from overseas, the industry has evolved by leaps and bounds. A professional marketing agency in Singapore provides the same level of expertise, if not better, as your in-house marketing team wherever you are in the world. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing tasks.

Outsourcing saves time for everyone

Whether you have a single employee or a staff of one hundred, outsourcing your marketing duties to a third party company will definitely free up time for everyone in your business. Outsourcing saves you all those hours otherwise spent on preparing marketing materials, creating email lists, developing and implementing social media marketing strategies, measuring and monitoring a wide range of campaigns, and so much more. It leaves you and your staff enough time to concentrate on what you are good at – managing your core business activities.

Outsourcing saves you money

You’ll, of course, have to pay for all your outsourced activities but you’ll save more when you reduce marketing-related expenses such as salary for your in-house marketing team, training expenses, the cost of purchasing specialized digital marketing software, space, and other overhead costs.  

Hiring one person to handle all your digital marketing activities such as search engine optimization, social media, content strategy, PR, email marketing, and creating websites and landing pages may not be possible. It will even be more expensive to hire multiple talents for each task. On the other hand, outsourcing all your digital marketing to a third party agency helps you leverage all your marketing activities at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay to a dedicated in-house team. Outsourcing can be a great money saver. 

Leaving experts in the industry to handle your marketing needs

Digital marketing agencies are experts in the field. They’ve actually been there and done that. Most of them specialize in marketing specific industries, locations, or types of clientele. They have resource sections with enough case studies to prove their expertise in the field. An online marketing agency has all the skills, knowledge, and resources required to help your business achieve the desired results.

Get tailor-made solutions for your business

When you outsource your digital marketing needs to a third party company, you can leverage on tailor-made solutions for your business. You have the flexibility to use the agency according to your marketing needs and requirements. For instance, there may be a time when you need to run multiple campaigns that require several resources and times when you don’t need the resources. You won’t have to bear the costs of maintaining these multiple resources when you hire out your marketing tasks to an agency. 

Access to the most updated marketing technologies

Your company may require a wide variety of marketing technologies and platforms to handle different functions. With the ever-evolving technology in the digital marketing world, it may be difficult or expensive to stay updated with emerging trends and technologies. If you run a small business, marketing alone may put your business in the red within a short time. So why not take advantage of the latest trends in digital marketing technology by outsourcing? A digital marketing agency in Singapore or elsewhere in the world is staffed with professionals who have expert knowledge in the latest marketing technologies including analytics, automation, and much more. They are experts in an ever-evolving field. 


There are many benefits you get by outsourcing your digital marketing needs to an agency. Every digital marketing agency has fixed guidelines and processes that they follow to ensure your campaigns are run successfully. They have years of practice and can easily evaluate the results of your marketing campaigns using specialized tools and technologies. 

A marketing agency has a number of partners and closes working relationships with other companies in the industry. The connections give them first-hand knowledge of what is currently big and which critical changes are about to happen. Their expert knowledge is invaluable to your company. It, therefore, makes sense to delegate your marketing duties to the experts.

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