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Why Singapore is a Growing Hub of Digital Marketing in South East Asia

Why Singapore is a Growing Hub of Digital Marketing in South East Asia

South-East Asia is emerging as a market with great promise for brands and companies seeking to diversify and increase sales through digital marketing. The markets in these parts of the world are comparatively smaller and diverse making it difficult for marketers to know how and where to concentrate their efforts. However, South-East Asia is a promising market given the region’s fast economic growth in recent years. Singapore is a perfect choice for digital marketers seeking to get a foothold in this region. There are many reasons why Singapore is gradually growing into a hub of digital marketing, ranging from the country’s demographics and the wide use of the Internet in both mobile and social platforms. 

Digital marketers looking for a South East Asian country with the perfect demographics with perfect knowledge of Western culture and buying power should look towards Singapore. The country has a population of around 5.26 million inhabitants almost half of them being expatriates or people born outside the country. Singapore has extremely low unemployment at about 2% while most of the top paid individuals earn in excess of $100,000. The most widely spoken language happens to be English. The average citizen is quite familiar with most of the major Western brands, entertainment culture, and media. Singapore has the best demographics in this region for digital marketing campaigns. 

So how does a digital marketing agency locate these people online? 

Singapore has the highest percentage of people who use the Internet in the whole world. More than 81% of its citizens, around eight individuals in every 10, are online at one time or another. It is, therefore, no surprise that the country has some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world, thanks to a government-funded fiber rollout across the entire island. It is not unusual to get average broadband speeds of 94.8 Megabits per second. 

A Wide 4G Mobile Coverage

Digital marketing in Singapore is further enhanced by a wide 4G mobile internet coverage throughout the country. In fact, the country has one of the best 4G mobile internet connections in the whole world. More than 99% of the country enjoys LTE coverage with speeds of up to 38Mb per second. 4G works indoors, in tunnels, and even inside underground trains. There are more people staring at their phones screens at any given time in Singapore than elsewhere in the world. Digital marketers seeking to reach a wide base of consumers via mobile would find Singapore a lucrative destination.

A great search and social media marketing destination

Close to 90% of the island’s population use Google while the rest rely on Yahoo to stay updated. WorldStream statistics show that PPC costs in Singapore are lower than in the United States by 58%. A digital marketing agency targeting the Asian region can reap great benefits here. 

Like everywhere else in the world, Facebook is the most widely used social network in Singapore. Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool indicates that there are around 3.5 million active Facebook users in Singapore. More than 2.4 million Singapore residents visit Facebook every day.

Findings from Twitter for Business show a large majority of the 550k tweets originating from Singapore are in English language. LinkedIn has around 1.8 members from this country which is about half the working population. Other popular social media platforms in Singapore include Instagram and Whatsapp, which is, in fact, the primary messaging app.

Local-based E-commerce

Ecommerce has seen a gradual growth in Singapore over the last few years. It had a slow start due to the local population’s love for offline shopping and the availability of numerous shopping complexes. However, online shopping is being embraced at a fast rate possibly because of greater use of mobile internet and the emergence of local based e-commerce sites such as Redmart, Lazada, and Zalora which is a major go-to site for everything to do with fashion. According to an article in Singapore Post, the country’s citizens spent over $3.5 billion online in 2015. The Euromonitor claims Singapore and Malaysia were responsible for close to half of all online retail sales in the South-East Asia region.

There is a growing trend of Western companies setting their sites in Singapore. A fine example is SP Commerce which manages top brands such as Calvin Klein and Adidas in this region. Singapore is an attractive market for any digital marketing agency looking to diverse its operations in the South-East Asia region. 

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