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Why Opt for a Locally Headquartered Digital Agency?

Why Opt for a Locally Headquartered Digital Agency?

In Singapore today, it is longer the case where hiring a digital agency to handle online marketing needs was exclusive to big brands. With increasing competition and the growth of the number of people using online platforms such as social media and search engines, digital marketing can no longer be ignored. Hence, businesses find it essential to hire a competent digital marketing expert to have a strong online presence and stay ahead of competitors. Despite the initial costs, engaging the right agency is a profitable investment that will bring a company or brand great rewards in the long run.

From an international perspective, as more and more brands look towards the South East Asian markets, it has become imperative to work with a local digital agency to reap maximum benefits from any marketing campaigns. Markets in this region may be comparatively smaller than in say the US or UK but are quite diverse, which poses a challenge to companies used to the Western way of doing things. The way people engage with social media, search engines and e-commerce differ as one moves from one region to the next.

Hence in any case, it makes the most sense to engage the help of a digital agency that is well conversant with local habits if a company (both locally and internationally) wants to make headway in Singapore, Malaysia, or any other country in this part of the world. If we had to search for an agency that fits this criteria, the best bet would be to look at those being headquartered in the country itself. Here are some of the primary benefits that such a digital agency can bring when you venture specifically into the Singaporean market.

They tend to be lower cost in contrast to traditional marketing agencies 

In general, you will save time and money when you hire a digital agency. In the early days, the only way a company could market its products, especially on foreign territories, was through print media and television. Traditional media advertising through avenues such as Mediacorp was for a long time the most effective but expensive way to promote a brand, products, or services. With the growth of internet usage across the globe, digital marketing has become a more preferable and economical option. In most cases, you only need to pay a fixed monthly fee to the agency for your brand, products, or services to be advertised on multiple digital platforms (that include search engines, social media, and email). If you were to hire an in-house marketer, you would have to pay an arm and leg to handle all the tasks a digital agency does at a very reasonable fee.

They bring fast results

Within a fast paced and stressful city like Singapore, handling all the marketing needs of your business by yourself is all the more confusing and inefficient. You hardly know what works and what does not so everything you do will be a trial and error endeavor. It will be a matter of guessing and gambling that will take many months before you know what really works and you will probably make numerous mistakes before seeing meaningful results. Can you really afford such inefficiency?

A locally headquartered digital agency will be a specialist in the field, able to fully comprehend local markets and understand the ingredients of success in every niche. Such a level of competence is the result of tens of years of combined staff experience, and will certainly bring about fast and reliable results in a country like Singapore.

They help you save on technology and tools

To derive any level of success in a digital marketing campaign, you need an array of complex tools and technology. They will be used in areas such as monitoring of accounts, tracking the progress of campaigns, automating repetitive marketing tasks and lots more. If you happen to be a small business owner, you can hardly afford all these useful tools. When you hire an agency, you save a lot on purchasing these tools and technology. The agency is also backed by a skilled team of experts who understand how best to use the tools and technology.

They help tremendously with their professional experience

Above all, a digital agency headquartered in Singapore is likely to be run by competent and well-trained professionals who are experienced in all facets of digital marketing. They are also updated on the latest trends, strategies, tools, and technologies in the industry. With all the insights and data about consumer behavior in your niche, they know how best to promote your brand or products by targeting specific audiences. When you engage the services of such an agency, you bring their professional knowledge and experience into your business.


With their in-depth understanding of markets within their respective countries, locally headquartered digital agencies will bring success to just about any company. Bear in mind that they do not just confine themselves to marketing, they are able to help you with other related tasks (such as development of websites, content writing etc) too. Hence, you are basically covered in every aspect.

As long as you have done your due diligence when selecting an agency (such as asking for testimonials, checking their experience in your niche, ensuring they are a registered business in Singapore etc), go ahead with taking the leap to engaging one to supercharge your business today.

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