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The Rise of Video in the Digital Marketing Space

The Rise of Video in the Digital Marketing Space

Marketing through video is becoming increasingly popular these days, and its rate of growth has been truly phenomenal. The underlying factors of this development are effectiveness and acceptance by the masses, giving every marketing agency in Singapore convincing reasons to make it one of the key tools in its arsenal.

Today’s marketers use digital video to spread viral content on YouTube, Twitter, and as well as on their websites’ homepages. Successful brands and companies are also leveraging on video content to enhance customer engagement and improve overall satisfaction in the entire engagement process. Videos are extremely powerful in that they play vital roles in each and every step of the customer journey from prospecting (stimulating interest) to education (product knowledge) to closure (becoming a satisfied customer). According to industry studies, businesses predominantly use videos for the following purposes:

  • Showing customer testimonials
  • Product demonstration
  • Providing clients with tutorial and explainer videos
  • Online interviews
  • Complementing lead generation efforts on websites
  • Projecting case studies and project reviews
  • Displaying live webinars
  • Showcasing video blogs also known as Vlogs
  • Showing event videos

Video Marketing Trends in 2017

Video marketing is now one of most popular tools adopted by digital marketers, especially those who desire to stay on top of their game. They understand the changing dynamics of their customers, who want more interactivity and be visually impressed while engaging in the purchase process. By catering to this behavior and augmenting their content strategies, digital marketers become more effective in their outreach to customers. Here are some of the major trends in video marketing that are expected to dominate the industry in 2017.

1) Growth of Video Content on Facebook

Every online marketing agency is now advocating the adoption of videos in social media. The key driver behind this push is that digital marketers know for a fact that daily video views on Facebook skyrocketed from 1 billion to 8 billion in 2016; correspondingly, the number of text posts is diminishing. Recently, Facebook also launched a video service called Facebook Live, where users can view, like and comment simultaneously as the live stream is in progress. Given that innovation is inherent in Facebook’s DNA, the success of Facebook Live will definitely spur this global social media company to continue releasing new features that will encourage users to upload, discover and share even more videos than text posts on Facebook in 2017.

2) Increased Live Video Content on Twitter

Encouraged by the immense success of Facebook Live, as well as recognizing the potency of utilizing videos as part of a digital marketing strategy, brands will be riding on this wave – they will begin to rely more on video to interact with their customers, having witnessed its usefulness. One such company is another social media giant Twitter, which has partnered with Periscope, a video sharing site, to allow their users the ability to embed live broadcasts on their tweets. This added functionality allows individuals and businesses to enhance the engagement they have with potential customers by integrating video within their digital marketing strategy. Now, Twitter is well-known for video content – over 82% of its users watch videos on a regular basis. There is no better to take advantage of a target audience already attuned to videos to watch promotional material – delivered via the video medium, Live Video feeds – from the brands and businesses. It is not difficult to realize that exposing a customer base which accepts video marketing to marketing videos will definitely result in a higher conversion rate.

3) Sales Teams Will Need More Video Content

Today’s consumers simply love to watch video content. The reason behind this is apparent, as messages delivered through this medium are engaging, easier to digest and do not require the mental concentration needed to process the reading and comprehension of text. A product described in a live, 360º video would undoubtedly feel just as realistic as you would be viewing it in a brick and mortar store. It is for this reason that sales teams will need more video resources in 2017. Findings from a Wyzowl study showed that only 4% of the consumers surveyed prefer to understand more about a product from a product brochure; in comparison, a whooping 44% of those surveyed prefer to watch a video describing the various features and functions of the product. The latter is 11 times as effective as the first – imagine the potential financial returns from converting the differential to purchasing customers!

4) The Growth of Video Apps

Millennials, or those of ages between 13 and 24, love devouring video content more than anything else they can derive from their smart devices. If a business is able to deliver videos via mobile applications, which the millennials rank second just after their amour with videos, then it has a viable content strategy that will reach out and strike a chord with this massive base of prospects. Look no further to Instagram and Snapchat for evidence of this: on Instagram, Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share stories via short videos. Snapchat has more than 10 billion videos being watched every day. The potential of targeting these millennials from a commercial sense, all of which possess affluence more than any other previous generations, cannot be underestimated.

5) A Marriage of Email and Video

Just not so long ago, email and video did not really seem to gel together; this is no longer the case today. Video tends to better capture a user's attention, greatly increasing the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Practically speaking, it is not as if a video will play directly in the email as many browsers do not support that at the moment. Instead, they are integrated with methods such as a video screenshot with an overlayed play button or animated gifs that give a short preview of the video. It is expected that in 2017 and beyond, brands are expected to further leverage on video in order to engage customers much better than before.


Video content marketing is the trend that is not going to go away anytime soon. The pervasiveness, acceptance level and proven track record of videos in social media and digital marketing are abundant evidence that they are integral to the modern digital marketer. Brands and businesses must incorporate the use of videos as part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Through this adoption, businesses can expect a higher return on its digital investment and reap the financial benefits of going in this direction. If you happen to own one and are having trouble with leveraging on video for marketing, do not hesitate and contact your digital marketing agency today.

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