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The Importance of Targeting Millennials in Singapore

The Importance of Targeting Millennials in Singapore

Like everywhere else in the world, Millennials are on top of every internet marketers target for a number of reasons. For avoidance of doubt, Millennials who are basically consumers who reach adulthood after the turn of the 21st century, account for the biggest online spending at the moment.

Studies show that 85% of Millennials across the world own smartphones and are constantly on social media sites for the most part of the day or night. Their heavy presence on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter has made social media a force to reckon with in Singapore's digital marketing industry. As we approach 2017, the current trend indicates that social media will soon replace Google for peer-to-peer research and product reviews or recommendations. It is a similar situation for many local brands and bloggers (such as Xiaxue and Ladyironchef) that are major influencers in Singapore’s online marketing scene; these influencers derive a majority of visitors and followers from the millennial group of consumers. As far as the digital medium (such as websites, apps etc.) is concerned, every Millennial will have a fairly competent level of technical understanding.

Therefore, any business that seeks to succeed in digital marketing cannot ignore Millennials in its campaigns. Below, we outline several key avenues and strategies that agencies use to target this lucrative group of consumers through the various mediums.

Tapping on Social Media and Email Marketing

The most obvious course of action any online marketing agency would adopt is to reach Millennials via a variety of social media marketing techniques. Email marketing would work well too with the right strategy and implementation. However, it is important to note that Millennials are smart and can spot a marketing ploy from a distance. Sending them frequent marketing emails or utilizing intrusive marketing techniques such as pop-ups and ad displays would only put them off.

Search Marketing (Organic and Paid)

Another great strategy to reach Millennials is via search marketing. In their quest for more information, they’ll always turn to Google and search engines to look for reviews before making a purchase. Bearing in mind that this is an age group that grew up with internet in their homes and schools, they are forever in search for confirmation or assurance when planning to buy any product or service. In some cases, such perfect knowledge that Millennials have access to can be pretty frustrating to any consumer facing retailer or service provider.

Internet Radio Stations

This digital group of consumers can also be targeted through internet radio stations where most of them spend time streaming music and news programs. Many of these young consumers would rather opt for an ad-supported free streaming station than pay for an ad-free premium service. This is probably why close to 95% of streamed music contains ads. Radio and podcasting have become quite popular in Singapore too. This is due to the fact that radio and podcasts are widely available on mobile platforms.

Video Sharing Websites

Radio aside, online video platforms provide another effective medium that a company can use to target Millennials in its marketing campaigns. Unsurprisingly, the engaging nature of videos as compared to other forms of media has led to YouTube becoming extremely popular with young Singaporeans. Fortunately for marketers, this young generation of consumers are becoming more and more receptive to video ads as compared text and image. With such a trend, it is no secret that video will maintain its dominance in the years to come.


With Millennials being the biggest consumers of trendy goods and services, they are definitely worth targeting in any online marketing strategies. From the perspective of a results oriented digital marketing agency, there exists vast marketing potential in reaching out to Millennials as almost all of them own a smartphone and computer, are able to read/speak fluent English and are completely attuned with the latest online technologies out there. As much as they will not want to admit it, the fact is that no digital marketing campaign can survive without targeting Millennials in its core strategy.

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