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The Absolute Power of Remarketing

The Absolute Power of Remarketing

If you asked anyone in marketing circles, remarketing seems to be amongst the hottest trends in digital marketing not only within Singapore, but all over the world. Remarketing gives digital marketers a great opportunity to follow up and advertise to people who previously visited their websites, used their mobile apps, or those who are in the marketer’s CRM databases by displaying to them relevant ads whenever they visit another site or do a Google search. Practically speaking, how is something like this possible? Simply said, it relies on cookies placed on the visitor’s device or computer that makes it possible to follow up with relevant ads.

Before remarketing existed

Not too long ago when remarketing did not exist, digital marketing could be said to be “less intelligent”. From a military perspective, it leveraged more on carpet bombing as compared to precision bombing. Make no doubt, this is not only inefficient, but costly too. Let’s take a look at the example of a digital marketing campaign for a new grade of contact lenses that was executed in Singapore several years back – it kicked off with the serving of mass social media and banner ads to a broad audience, enticing them to sign ups for trials. This was followed by the relentless delivery of annoying marketing emails and SMSes to those that signed up, persuading them to do a trial and make an eventual purchase.

From our perspective, digital marketing should never have been that intrusive as it sacrifices greatly on effectiveness. If such a campaign were executed in the present day, remarketing will take center stage and effectively remove the highly intrusive emails and SMSes from the equation, replacing them with relevant ads across many frequently used online platforms. These ads will subtly engage and convince the prospective customer to take an action, while greatly increasing the advertiser’s profitability.

Types of audiences

There are several types of remarketing audiences, the simplest being people who visited your website. Should you already have customer databases on hand, those can be leveraged upon to create sizeable remarketing audiences through platforms such as Google and Facebook. On a more advanced level, you can tailor ads to target individuals who visited a specific page or a combination of related pages on your site.

Scenarios that call for remarketing

There are a wide variety of remarketing scenarios that a marketer in a place like Singapore can use to advertise to customers who showed an interest in his or her brand, products, or services. Let’s take a look at a few examples of common scenarios that call for remarketing.

1) Media-based sites

If you have a media-based or news site and are interested in increasing the number of return visitors to build higher engagement, you can choose an “all site visitors’ remarketing method. This would mean everyone who visits your website automatically starts getting your ads wherever they are on the Internet. You can even entice them to return to your site by keeping your featured ads updated regularly to show new media content.

2) Retail and E-Commerce sites

Most e-commerce and online retail stores suffer from the usual shopper’s dilemma of whether to buy or not. It is quite common for shoppers to start the purchasing process only to disappear, for one reason or another, before they complete the checkout process. This is a habit that any digital marketing agency would call shopping cart abandonment.

According to a report by, shopping cart abandonment happens in 78% of purchases ranging between $0 and $100. There are many reasons why people fail to complete the purchasing process. Some may not be ready to purchase or believe the shipping costs were too high while others simply felt they need to do more comparison of prices or just wanted to save the item for later purchase. There are of course others who suddenly realize that the product’s price is higher than their budget. Regardless of the reason for shopping cart abandonment, it pays to remarket to this staggering 78% of interested shoppers again and again. You can always remind them of the awesome products they failed to acquire and even offer an enticing promo.

3) Free or 30-Day Trials

There are many services that give customers a free or 30-day trial to test the service before they make up their minds to purchase or not. It would be great to keep on advertising to the potential customers who signed up for the trial, especially a few days before the trial ends. A majority of people would simply sign up for the trial, maybe tinker with the service for an hour or two then completely forget about it until they get an email reminding them to pay for the service. Well, not so many would pay for something they don’t even remember signing up for much less know what it actually does. If you’ve not been in touch with the potential customers, your payment reminder email will be destined for the spam folder. However, if you keep serving them a few more ads about the service even when they are on other pages, you maintain engagement and may even entice them to give the service you are selling a little bit more interest than before.

4) Lifestyle and travel

Remarketing is also quite applicable in lifestyle and travel websites and apps. If you have a travel focused mobile app, you may sometimes see a lot of usage and interaction from people who are planning a vacation. However, there will be little or no activity when users and visitors are not thinking of traveling anywhere. You can easily use remarketing to convert these inactive but potential customers. If they previously checked a few of your travel packages, show them more ads with new deals and discounts to entice them to take action.


Let’s face it, remarketing represents a quantum leap forward in the possibilities of digital marketing. Such an ability to precisely target prospective customers that already have an impression of your product or service was certainly not possible several years back, and is key to pushing a brand’s products and/or services in highly competitive markets. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of companies are integrating remarketing as a key component within their overall digital marketing strategies here in Singapore. Due to the fact that it is a relatively new introduction to the overall marketing equation, it is essential to engage a competent online marketing agency that is up-to-date with the latest trends. Such an agency will be able to create remarketing campaigns tailored for your products or services, bringing almost instantaneous positive effects on your company’s bottom line. 

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