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Social Media and Search Marketing Trends in Singapore

Social Media and Search Marketing Trends in Singapore

Every digital marketer knows how social networking sites such as Facebook have been trending in almost every part of the world, Singapore not excluded. What we actually need to pay more attention to are the trending consumer behavior in these social sites. Many potential consumers are now turning to their peers for recommendations and advice whenever they want to purchase a product or service. They do not search for advice on Google, Yahoo, or Bing but turn to the one place that they are most at home with, social media sites. Sites such as Facebook are great for doing consumer and other marketing related research activities.

Social Media Trends

In Singapore, Facebook is the most popular social media site. More than 2.4 million people visit the site every day, according to Facebook’s Audience Tool. Facebook is so dominant that every digital marketing agency in Singapore places it on top of its social media marketing strategies.

Twitter is quite popular too. According to Twitter for Business, there are more English language tweets in Singapore, between 350,000 and 550,000 every month. LinkedIn claims to have more than 1.8 million users in Singapore, which is around 50% of the country’s workforce. Almost every professional, manager, technician, or executive in the country is in LinkedIn. Other popular networks include Instagram and Whatsapp. The social media scene in Singapore is quite influential in promotion of brands, products, and services.

Search Trends

Search engine optimization (SEO) has emerged as a must-have service for any marketer engaging the services of a digital marketing agency in Singapore, and for a good reason. It makes no sense to market your products and services online if people do not regularly visit your website to view some of the features and products you have on display. Competition for the best ranking in search engines has become even fiercer in Singapore too. High ranking in search engines translates to more visitors, more popularity of your brand or company, and increased consumer awareness.

More than 90% of internet users in Singapore use the Google search button every day while the rest frequently turn to Yahoo and Bing search engines to find out more information about products and services. It is therefore imperative to have the best SEO strategies to ensure your website is always on the first page of search engine results for the most profitable keywords. The easiest way of increasing your company website’s ranking in search engines is by working with a professional digital marketing agency who understands all the current trends in SEO. 

There have been great strides made in the Pay Per Click (PPC) sector of internet marketing too. Keep in mind, PPC costs are on average 58% lower in Singapore than in the United States. However, as more people and companies operating in the region turn to PPC, we expect to see higher price points in the near future. The digital marketing space is becoming a bit crowded in Singapore just like everywhere else in the world. Small companies and individual marketers are beginning to feel the strain as the big boys continue to push price points even higher. We may soon be seeing PPC bids of $10 for keywords that previously cost a few cents. Analysts have even pointed out that the cost of online marketing will take a huge chunk of your total business budget. Expect to spend close to 35% of your budget on digital advertising in 2017.


Businesses seeking to succeed in South East Asian markets like Singapore and Malaysia should keep a keen eye on digital marketing trends within the region. The aforementioned trends are just the tip of the iceberg but provide a general overview of what to expect in the not-so-distant future. As we approach 2017, expect to see increased use of social media and search engine activities in this region. As a wise person once said, we need only look back at the past to see what the future holds. So if past and current trends are anything to go by, then internet marketing in Singapore will be dominated by social media and search traffic in 2017. You can always consult your digital marketing agency for more insights on the current trend of online marketing in Singapore.

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