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Singapore’s Mobile Marketing Scene in Recent Times

Singapore’s Mobile Marketing Scene in Recent Times

From the look of things, catering marketing collateral for mobile has become a must for every established brand or business. To start with, almost every website today is mobile responsive. It is also not uncommon to see interactive designers creating website wireframes and mockups specifically for mobile devices. Speaking of native mobile apps, one can accurately assume that apps will be essential to any entity wanting to truly make a statement about its offerings judging by the fast growth of the apps industry worldwide. This is actually backed by statistics – approximately 20% to 30% of brands and businesses with an annual turnover greater than S$20 million have at least one app in the market that enables them to engage more effectively with their clients. As a simple analogy, you just need to picture how a tape deck of yesteryears evolved to a CD player before we eventually got DVD players to see why native mobile apps are also becoming so crucial in the marketplace. 

An overview of the industry

In Singapore, the industry is going the mobile way faster than marketers can keep up with the emerging technology. Today, the mobile website is without question an essential tool that keeps any brand or business in the game; but to achieve even greater success, it is wise to consider developing a native app for key platforms such as iOS and Android. The increasing need for mobile optimization is quite evident judging by the way every company or individual webmaster is scrambling to make their websites more mobile-friendly than before. As a result, almost every new website you encounter today is optimized for mobile devices. 

From a digital marketing perspective, the mobile platform is one any marketer cannot afford to ignore. Take the case of Singapore which has the best 4G mobile internet coverage in the world. More than 99% of the country enjoys LTE coverage with speeds of 38 Mb per second. Apparently, this is among the fastest in the whole world, at least at street level. You’ll be surprised to discover that Singapore’s 4G works even under tunnels and underground trains unlike in many other parts of the world. Hence, targeting mobile devices within a core marketing strategy is crucial for any organization interested in tapping and achieving success in the Singaporean market

The increased reliance on mobile devices

With such a good mobile framework, Singaporeans are turning to mobile devices as the easiest and most convenient way of browsing the internet. Mobile search traffic continues to outrank desktop traffic by far every year. As more people turn to their mobile searches, fewer people are using their desktops to search for information online. 

This is quite understandable when you consider the fact that everyone who owns a smartphone has plenty of tools in one device including a mobile computer, a video camera that can instantly share videos via the internet, a mobile web browser, a game machine, a mobile GPS and lots of other great stuff. Furthermore, with the aid of virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana, it’s almost like having a real life assistant that is at your beck and call 24/7. 

For that matter, these virtual assistants are capable of making recommendations based on a user’s voice commands. Let’s say you mention “find me the best restaurant in Singapore,” they will return a list of highly rated restaurants near your location. Hence, the same way in which you want to optimize your business’s visibility in search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.), you will want to optimize it for these personal assistants too!

How it has made a difference to digital marketing agencies

With the great focus on mobile these days, digital marketing agencies spend hours adjusting their clients’ websites to make them mobile friendly and responsive. This will not only improve a user’s browsing experience through mobile, but also help with search rankings. Its impact on search likely owes to Google’s goal of providing users with simple, fuss free and enjoyable access to the right information. After all, nothing feels as annoying as pinching a mobile screen to see the site’s menus. As for native mobile apps, the fact is almost every digital marketing agency in Singapore seems to have added app development to its menu in recent times.


If you happen to own a business, it is imperative that you focus your marketing efforts on mobile platforms. As much as we still do love our desktop computers, the trend in digital marketing will be skewed towards mobile for the years to come due to their already dominant and ever increasing importance in everyone’s lives.

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