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Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Incorporated Into Your Marketing

Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Incorporated Into Your Marketing

As the world becomes more of a global village every day, marketers are now paying closer attention to social media channels way more than before. Social media marketing has reached a point where it can no longer be ignored in any digital marketing venture. According to findings from reliable industry sources, 96% of internet users in Singapore have an account in one or more social media platforms and a vast majority of them access social media via their mobile phones. Of course, quantity alone will not make much sense if users do not spend a lot of time on the various platforms. Fortunately, this is not the case; younger Singaporeans (that form the bulk of social media users) spend an average of 3 to 5 hours per day on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With top brands in the country having hundreds of thousands of followers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there is no doubt on how big social media is in Singapore. Now here are a few more reasons why digital marketing agencies in Singapore constantly integrate social media into their marketing campaigns, and why you should do the same too. 

An easy ticket to global awareness

Marketing through social media gives your brand, products, or services an easy ticket to global fame. As you gain more followers and fans throughout the world, you create greater brand awareness and make it possible for millions of people to access your products and services. If ever your content goes viral, the global reach through social media will be boundless.

It is cost-effective

Creating profiles and rolling out content on social media are basically free of charge. With a good content marketing strategy, it allows you to reach out to and effectively engage a huge customer base at practically zero cost. To reach the same number of customers via paid search, you would have to spend thousands. Even if you decided to leverage on ads through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, the cost is still substantially less than what you pay for in relatively optimized paid search campaigns.

Social media marketing engages customers better

A great thing about social media marketing is the instant feedback you get from customers about your brand, products, or services. You can use social media to communicate with fans and followers about your upcoming launches and any updates in your products or services. This type of marketing keeps you in constant contact with customers and provides detailed demographic statistics of your customers (that include the number of people visiting your page, their ages, localities, ethnic composition, gender, and much more). With such invaluable information, you can improve your marketing efforts to suit their needs even more accurately.

24/7 accessibility

With a strong social media presence in your digital marketing campaigns, your products are accessible to existing and potential customers 24/7. Customers can easily leave a message or enquiry at any time of the day and you can respond publicly via your page or through a simple follow up call or email. With constant accessibility, social media boosts the trustworthiness of your brand and acts as a central touch point between you and your potential customers.

It helps you reach out to new clients

Another great thing about social media marketing is the huge potential it provides to reach new clients. For instance, when you review feedback from fans and followers, you begin to see obvious patterns about customer expectations. You can realign your marketing to suit these expectations and gain new clients in the process. You will also notice people from certain locations having more interest in your products and services and concentrate your marketing efforts in the regions. Social media marketing will also show you untapped markets that you can exploit based on the consumer responses you get. 

Tracking is easy

With the advanced state of social media ad management tools out there today, every digital marketing agency would tell you that a social media marketing campaign is easier to track than, for example, an above the line advertising campaign involving television commercials and radio ads. During and after a campaign, you get in-depth statistics that range from the cost per conversion to countries that your most loyal following comes from.

Social media is quite influential today

Today, most people tend to pay closer attention to the topics being shared on social media. In essence, social platforms have become major trendsetters in virtually every field of life from fashion to health and much more. Quite often, consumer brands get the help of bloggers (also known as influencers) to write about a particular topic related to their product/service. Due to the blogger’s influence and reach, it will bring quite an immediate and substantial return on investment for the brand.


With the long list of merits that social media can bring to the marketing aspect of a business today, it is wise for every small business to tap on such a form of marketing. However, the single and most challenging aspect of social media marketing is gaining your initial following. Once your campaigns have taken off, you can sit back and relax while witnessing the exponential growth of your brand through social media. As more people become followers of your pages, they become a reason for their friends and followers to join in. As the fans and followers tree branches out exponentially, the more clients your business attracts. In this day and age, marketing through social media is certainly is a worthy investment for your brand or business.

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