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Raising Brand Awareness via Display Ads

Raising Brand Awareness via Display Ads

There is usually a lot that goes on between the moment customers are exposed to a brand to the moment when they actually buy a product or service. Marketers call this process a customer’s decision journey. The entire journey includes critical aspects such as the overall perception of the brand, price considerations, and availability of other options just to mention a few. Display ads play a major role in this customer journey process from start to finish. This is because display ads introduce the customer to the brand at the initial stage, re-engages the customer along the way and arrives at the last crucial moment when a purchase decision is made. Over the years, it has become a key tool for every digital agency in Singapore that is looking to raise awareness for their clients.

From a statistical point of view

According to an eMarketer report, it is estimated that 61% of online ad expenditure is spent on display advertising. Statistics by ComScore indicate that display networks have a 90% worldwide reach of Internet users with over 2 million publisher websites. They also found that display ads that were served through remarketing were responsible for a 1046% increase in a brand search, which showed a significant rise in brand awareness and recall. These should be enough proof that display ads have a great potential to put your brand before millions of eyeballs across the world. With the massive reach, it is only natural that such ads are a powerful tool for driving brand awareness.

How is the reach of display ads so massive?

Simply put, there are millions of websites providing all types of information out there, from news, videos, and reviews. Other web properties such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, and YouTube also serve display ads to millions of people every day. Website owners, also known as publishers, also monetize their websites by serving advertisements in the form of banners and text ads that reach millions of customers visiting their websites. There are of course major ad networks such as the Bing-Yahoo network and Google Display Network that act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers on one hand and customers on the other hand. These display ad channels combined offer great opportunities to put your brand before potential customers in a wide variety of ways.

The importance of using display ads to drive brand awareness

The first and most important step in creating brand awareness is by getting your target audience to discover that you actually exist. It makes no sense to have the best brand if you are the only one who knows of its existence. Using display ads, you can reach new customers, create positive brand perceptions, and capitalize on your customers’ recommendations to reach out to even more customers. The more your brand is visible online, the better top-of-mind awareness it gets, which creates a ripple effect that influences offline purchases as well. Here are a few more reasons to use display ads when you want to raise brand awareness.

Display ads can drive action fairly well too

There has always been a complaint especially from direct response marketers that you do not get as many clicks from display ads as you do from paid search advertising techniques such as pay-per-click (PPC). Well, PPC may get you more clicks but in reality, getting numerous clicks is not the primary goal for brand marketers who are interested in raising their brand awareness. Instead, what they really want is to improve their businesses in the mid to long run. By getting more people out there to be aware of a brand or business through display ads that lead to a website, conversions through the website are very naturally achieved and have a high chance of resulting in new sales. The same goes for offline scenarios; the awareness that display ads raise will result in more walk-ins for a restaurant or retail store.

Display ads reach the right audience

Display ads provide brands with the perfect opportunity to reach out to their desired audiences. Brands can create targeted audiences and tailor their messages to reach specific individual segments of the population using various targeting means such as demographics, geographical locations, interests, and other behavioral traits. Furthermore, techniques such as remarketing work in tandem with display ads and allow a business to advertise to people who had previously shown an interest in their products/services.

Display ads are highly measurable

You can measure the success of your display ads campaign using a variety of tools and methods. Tracking ranges from the most basic metrics such as the number of users that clicked on an ad and where they are from to more complex stuff such as what exactly a user did on a website. Hence, as with any other form of digital marketing, the advertiser has a perfect understanding of the effectiveness of a display ads campaign. We previously created a comprehensive article on the measurability of digital marketing, be sure to check it out.


Today, digital ad spaces are friendlier for branding campaigns than it used to be in the early days of digital marketing. It now goes far beyond the standard search ads that direct to a landing page soliciting for an action being taken for the generation of leads. In fact, it can be said to be even more effective than traditional mediums such as the television or radio specifically for driving brand awareness. To learn more about how you can use display ads to your advantage in Singapore, be sure to contact your digital agency today.

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