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Key Challenges Every Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore Should Expect in 2017

Key Challenges Every Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore Should Expect in 2017

As more and more businesses shift to online marketing in Singapore, we expect to see increased competition and adoption of new technologies designed to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones. It will be important for every online marketing agency hoping to stay ahead of the competition to adopt new marketing platforms and technologies. However, new marketing strategies and platforms come with their own unique challenges too. Here are a few digital trends and challenges marketing agencies expect to face in 2017.

Increased use of video advertisements

Video ads have been around for quite a while. They are all over social channels and platforms such as Facebook and of course YouTube. Millions of companies all over the world place video ads every day on these channels. In fact, Google, who owns YouTube, allows SERP video advertising as an accepted strategy that companies can use to create brand awareness and advertise products and services. According to Google Barometer statistics, over 66% of smartphone users in Singapore take photos and watch videos on their phones. In 2017, we expect increased use of video advertising in Singapore. Videos will be a dominant medium in the digital marketing world. As such, every digital marketing agency in Singapore will need to up its creativity game in the video advertising field to ensure that it stays ahead of its competitors. This may pose a problem for a marketing agency whose clients have not yet adopted video ads.  

Increased competition in the app marketing platform

After Google began indexing apps, the app market has seen a great boom. Almost every major brand in Singapore has a customized mobile app designed to attract new clients and serve the existing ones even better. In 2017, the app market is expected to be more competitive than before. There will be an explosion of apps designed to help clients get in touch with the company or even place orders easily and conveniently. Mobile optimized websites are all too common in Singapore today but it is expected that apps will soon take over. Well designed apps actually have all the functions of a normal website. An online marketing agency that has not yet embraced the app technology for its clients may find itself at the bottom of the digital pyramid if the app market trend stays the same.

Increased use of digital assistants

In 2017, the use of digital assistants will become more relevant, a factor that may pose challenges for every advertising agency in Singapore. Currently, many companies worldwide rely on SEO and PPC to increase their ranking and get better conversion rates. These are key services provided by online marketing agencies in Singapore and everywhere else in the world. As more companies turn to the use of digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana to find useful information about their SEO and PPC campaigns, there is expected to be a slight decline in demand for online marketing services. However, the digital assistants' technology is still in its infancy and it may take time before every company in Singapore has adopted it. 

Mobile SEO challenges 

Mobile devices have really changed the way we live and access information. Currently, more than 85% of Singaporeans connect to the Internet via mobile devices. Statistics by reliable sources indicate that as many as 3.2 million Singaporeans access social media sites such as Facebook through their mobile devices. By 2017, over 61% of mobile users worldwide will have access to the Internet through their devices. Online marketing agencies in Singapore will need to address challenges posed by mobile SEO in 2017. A few of the issues you expect to face in 2017 as a digital marketing agency include:

  • Finding more efficient strategies for mobile local search SEO. A study conducted by Google showed that over 70% of internet users use their smartphones to make local searches for things like a company's contact information, direction to the business, its working hours and so on. Some of the key challenges in this field include making a business relevant to the searches and creating a mobile SEO optimized portfolio in Google My Business.
  • Making a mobile site even more reliable with the best user experience and accuracy will be a challenge too.
  • Slow loading mobile sites will also have a hard time competing with their fast loading counterparts in 2017.

These are just a few of the key challenges every digital marketing agency in Singapore should expect to face in the near future. Businesses that will address these issues and adopt new technologies and strategies fast stand a better chance to attract more clients and reap maximum benefits.       

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