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Importance of Ad Copywriting in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Importance of Ad Copywriting in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Most digital marketing agencies, regardless of their country of operations, would perceive ad copywriting as a crucial part of any online marketing campaign. There is good reason for them to believe so – paid ad platforms like search engines (think Google or Bing) and social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) only allow marketers a very limited number of characters for them to type and share their messages. Faced with this restriction, marketers must learn to be innovative and create effective ad copywriting in order to attract the target audience to their websites. In the arena of paid search marketing, your online ad is akin to a small door sign, on a busy street filled with competitors. With this harsh reality, it should become apparent that extensive effort is required to make your ad copy appealing enough to attract attention, as well as provide sufficient incentive to encourage the visitor to visit your site.

What is Ad Copywriting?

Ad copywriting is basically the art of crafting catchy and effective advertisements for your digital marketing campaigns. An ad copy is composed of a headline or title, the name of the advertiser, a short message or description of the product or service, and a call-to-action that encourages the visitor to go to the advertiser’s site to learn more about the offer. An ad copy is heart and soul of paid advertising.

Ad copywriting, at its very core, is the art of crafting advertisements that are both catchy and effective for your digital marketing campaigns. An ad copy is made of the following: a headline or title, the name of the advertiser, a short message or description of the product or service you are offering, as well as – perhaps the most important component of all – a call-to-action that entices and encourages the visitor to visit to advertiser’s site in order to learn more about the offer. An ad copy, to put it succinctly, is the heart and soul of paid advertising.

An ad copy is not just restricted to text only; it can also include images, captions, slogans, trademarks and brand names that resonate positively with the target audience. Effective ad copywriting is an art – it requires the copywriter to be armed with an array of persuasive vocabulary to draft copies that will ultimately help the advertiser to maximize the ROI of his or her digital marketing budget. The copy is designed to influence the attitude, promote the behavior and encourage the actions of potential customers. When a well-drafted piece of copywriting is generated, it has the ability to invoke attention, create interest, provoke desire and finally, get the prospect to take the desired action as required by the marketer. This action is usually geared towards driving revenue or profitability, either through a purchase or signing up for an offer.

Ad copywriting is one of the fastest growing industries across the world. A study of PPC (pay-per-click) ads in 2015, conducted by Oli Gardener of Unbounce, showed that although digital advertising expenditure in the United States hit an unprecedented $60 billion, almost all – 98%, to be exact – went to waste. This depressing fact also serves to remind and highlight why marketers need to be ever more creative in crafting their ad copies, with the objective of securing higher ROI in terms of brand awareness and lead generation. Your ad copy needs to possess the following essences: persuasive and unique enough to stand out from the competition. It then becomes imperative to clearly demonstrate and communicate your value proposition to your target audience if you wish to drive higher click-through rates. The most optimal solution is to outsource your ad copywriting tasks to a local digital marketing agency if you cannot afford – nor possess – a talented in-house team of copywriters specializing in online marketing operations. Here are a few strategies you can utilize in order to create effective ad copies.

Test Different Word Combinations

Different word combinations will invoke different reactions from your target audience, even though they might appear homogenous (for example, you might have used certain traits to classify your customers – such as income levels, age, or gender). Be adventurous and test a few combinations of the words you have in your copywriting, and see which one provides the best results. According to, modifying a single word can potentially increase CTR by a whooping 161%! Imagine the impact this could have on your customers. For instance, changing the phrase from “Request a quote” to a simpler, less common version (think “Request Pricing”) can help in boosting your CTR significantly.

Check What Your Competition is Doing

The adage “know thy enemy” is apt for ad copywriting as well. Having visibility as to the keywords your competitors are using to communicate their own ad messages is an important factor when you are doing your own copywriting. Knowing some of the factors being utilized by the competition to attract more clicks to their sites is just as important. For example, visit their site and check out of if they are advertising lower prices for similar products or services that you are offering; in this case, you might need to adjust your prices accordingly, or create more perceived value in the offerings you have for your customer base.

Track Your Ad Performance and Evaluate Data

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is how to measure the performance of their ad copies. You can determine the success or failure of an ad copy by suing specific content for specific keywords or ad groups. Each keyword should provide a different message for the searchers. In this way, you can easily track the performance of each ad copy. You can either enlist the help of a professional digital marketing agency or invest in third-party ad tracking tools to monitor performance and evaluate data. Remember to remove budget-sucking ad copies that are not providing the desired results. 


Especially in a place like Singapore, ad copywriting is an essential component of digital marketing – it is critical in helping you create effective ads that provide excellent CTR and positive ROI. The creation of effective ad copies, however, would require a marketer with a high degree of imagination, creativity and dedication to perfection. The marketer must also be open to trial and error, and constantly review, rewrite and retest all phrases and messages, so as to arrive at the most optimal outcome.

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