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Effectiveness of Email Marketing in the Present Day

Effectiveness of Email Marketing in the Present Day

One question that is beginning to dominate many marketing circles is whether email marketing is still as effective today as it was a few years back. While some may choose to debate this question over and over again, the answer is rather obvious for a digital marketing agency like Yoursite. From what the campaigns in 2015 and 2016 combined have shown us, email marketing is still very much alive. In fact, statistics from industry sources have shown that email is actually growing stronger despite the general perception in recent times. 

In a study on how much data is created every minute, Domo.Com states that over 20 million emails are sent out all over the world every minute. Closer home, Google Barometer findings showed that Singaporeans check emails at least twice every week, mostly on their smartphones. The study also indicated that Singaporeans trust write-ups served via email more than other intrusive forms of advertising such as banners and pop-ups. This shows how email is still a prominent communication platform for consumers, marketers, and brands. As a result, it is no surprise that every digital marketing agency in Singapore still places email and list building on top of their services menu.

An overview of how email marketing has evolved

Technological progress has really changed the way email marketing is done. The inbox is no longer a message delivery tool, but has evolved into a platform where brands compete for your attention. Such a competitive landscape has led to marketers focusing on quality rather than quantity when marketing through email.

This is in part due to the introduction of mobile technology that has greatly improved the accessibility of email. Today, an impressive array of seamlessly functioning email apps on mobile devices has led to email becoming an integral part of any mobile marketing plan with equal or greater importance as compared to calls and SMSes. With the introduction of devices like the Apple Watch, wearable technology is now the new kid in the block. Similar to when smartphones were introduced, they are expected to alter the way people open, read and reply to their emails.

Such great progress in the accessibility of emails (from a user's standpoint) has led to the commercialization of email subscription lists. With various types of lists now available for purchase out there in the market, brands and businesses can create even more targeted email campaigns based on location, age, gender, and many more factors. 

Despite the fact that all is seeming good in the email marketing arena, some people are still saying that its effectiveness is diminishing. Below we take a look at several reasons as to why email marketing is still working perfectly for us and our clients.

1) Old email strategies are gone, but new ones have emerged

Marketers who tend to write off email marketing simply do not understand the best way to use this effective marketing technique. Most are probably still stuck on old email marketing strategies that have long been overtaken by time and the evolution of the email. Gone are the days when a marketer simply threw a 3 sentence email message with a link to a sales page, the game is totally different today. Email campaigns tend to exist within an overall content marketing strategy that comprises engaging, building rapport and gaining the trust of subscribers before even attempting to sell them anything. 

This is in contrast to older strategies that consist of filling up disinterested people’s inboxes with heavily promotional emails that border SPAM content. A key characteristic of such emails is that they tend to talk “to” rather than talk “with” the reader. Especially in this world of tech savvy consumers, such methods are unlikely to catch a reader’s interest and result in extremely low effectiveness of the email campaign.

2) Email is still one of the most hyper-targeted marketing methods  

Every online marketing agency will still recommend email marketing because it is one of the most targeted forms of marketing. It works more efficiently because the messages are usually sent to the right audience made of people who have an interest in your brand, product, or service. By tweaking your existing subscriber list or purchasing an appropriate one, you can reach an audience based on their personal preferences, location, age and many other demographic factors.

3) Email campaigns are highly measurable

One other reason why email marketing is still effective is the increased development of tracking and analytical tools we are seeing in the market today. With such tools, you are able to see who specifically opened your email and which specific links the person clicked. Some tools even provide the ability to profile the ideal customer for your product or service. 

4) An ever-growing volume of email users   

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself which online platform has more active users and accounts than email? Well, none. In fact, email has nearly 3 times the number of users of Twitter and Facebook combined, totaling around 2.9 billion (and the number is still growing). With such insane statistics, marketing through email is certainly a channel that is hard to ignore.


The old spammy methods of email may be gone with the wind, but email campaigns are being used by marketers in different ways today. Anyone who feels that email marketing no longer works should go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate his or her strategies. Make no doubt, email is still an integral component in every successful sales and marketing campaign within Singapore.

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