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Driving App Installs Through Digital Marketing

Driving App Installs Through Digital Marketing

Mobile apps have surfaced to become an essential and integral part of digital marketing today. We live in a world where there is keen competition for clients, and where technology drives a major part of our lives. Technology today is embodied in our hands, within our pockets – our mobile devices. This makes mobile apps increasingly important in helping your brand stay in touch with the consumers at all times. As a business owner, wouldn’t you want your clientele exposed to your brand or offerings – hence gaining and reinforcing mindshare – each and every time they unlock their phones?

As with everything nowadays, the proliferation of – and insatiable need for – things going online means that the competition for app installs is escalating by the day. In the mobile world, there are millions of apps available for downloading across the various mobile app stores; at the last count, Google Play Store had a whopping 1.6 million apps, while Apple’s App Store came very close at 1.5 million apps. With the sheer number of apps available on the two predominant platforms, one can rightly point out that it is more challenging to get mobile users to download your app than trying to convert them into paying customers. Despite this, one should not be deterred; it is still possible to drive app installs in this particular competitive landscape. All that you need to know is that driving app installs is a digital issue, and that this issue can only be solved using digital marketing techniques. Done right, it is entirely plausible to have tens of thousands of app installs for your app daily.

Leveraging On Both Organic And Paid Advertising

There is a multitude of reasons why marketers, businesses and brands are extremely concerned about having their apps installed on as many mobile devices as possible; the one reason that tops the list is the fact that the more counts of such app installs, the more exposure a business or brand gets from its customers. As such, running an app install campaign not only increases your client base, but also propels organic growth as well. Stripped bare to its essentials, the mobile platform is akin to a noisy, cluttered marketplace with just too many players; the only way your app can be noticed by your target audience is by generating a high volume of installs, utilizing both organic and paid approaches.

Any competent digital marketing agency worth its salt will tell you the following: organic installs are derived from two sources, namely app store exploration and organic search. Regardless of the source in question, organic installs mean that people can only find out about your app after they have searched for a related keyword or brand, looked at the top charts of a mobile app store or category, or given a recommendation by your app store to download a relevant app. Paid installs, on the other hand, are driven by active promotions through paid advertising channels, or via an incentive network which encourages users to download, install and / or use an app. After this series of actions has been completed, the user is usually provided some form of reward for his or her effort, such as a free eBook, online points or even virtual currency.

One might ask a pertinent question: why would anyone want to pay for app installs? To put it simply, the number of times your app has been downloaded and installed plays a critical role in how well (or how badly) it is being ranked in App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is a concept intrinsically similar to search engine optimization (SEO), which uses traffic for ranking purposes. What this means is that if one invests in paid, non-organic app installs, your app will be heavily promoted and this leads to it experiencing a higher number of installs. This drives your app’s ranking higher on search results which, in turn, pushes the number of organic app installs. From here, it becomes easy to see a cycle: investing in non-organic app installs propels your app’s ranking, which accelerates the growth of organic app installs too. It has even been said that for every paid install, three organic installs are generated. The bottom line is: if you wish to boost your app installs via digital marketing, you should factor in paid efforts in your app promotion campaigns.

Leveraging On Social Media

Almost every digital marketing agency, in both Singapore and over the world, utilizes social media marketing strategies to encourage app installs. This is done with good reason; in this digital era, social media has revolutionized the way brands and businesses engage their prospects and customers. With customers being technologically inclined and spending time using their social media apps on a daily basis, running ads to showcase and encourage app installs on these digital platforms then becomes a very natural and integral part of your app install strategy. As a savvy digital marketer, you should harness the power of social media, such as Facebook, to promote your apps.


Just like marketing and promoting products and services in the digital world, the methods used to drive app installs mirror the former’s approaches. For example, you can use email marketing campaigns and performance-based marketing networks to promote your app. There are many ad networks offering pay per install services all over the Internet, which you can consider for your app install campaigns. That said, it still pays to be mindful about adhering to the basics of good marketing: optimize your app page, build a strong and robust online community, track and monitor your campaigns, and maintain an active and responsive social media presence. Sometimes, all it takes is to imbue some creativity into the thought process, in order to get people to download, install and use your apps. In this particular aspect, it makes sense to partner with an A-grade digital marketing agency that specializes in app install campaigns to help boost your app install efforts.   

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