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Devising a Digital Marketing Strategy in Singapore

Devising a Digital Marketing Strategy in Singapore

In a fast paced and competitive city like Singapore, devising a digital marketing strategy should be one of the key elements in an overall business plan. Recent industry studies have shown that 46% of brands and businesses here operate without a well-defined digital marketing plan, while 14% are yet to implement digital media into their marketing activities. From our perspective, these businesses are missing out big time in their respective markets.

Of course, a common misconception that most small business owners have is that a digital marketing strategy is best left to large companies with massive marketing budgets. As a well established digital marketing agency in Singapore, we can safely say at this point that nothing can be further from the truth. Fact is, digital marketing is known for its flexibility and can cater for even the smallest of budgets. This is in contrast to the absolute rigidity of traditional media.

While devising a complete digital marketing strategy can be a rather broad and complex exercise involving many variables, it does not necessarily have to be the case for you. By devising and sticking to one that is simple and well thought through, the execution of digital marketing in Singapore is sure to have a positive impact on your business’s revenue and profits. In the mid run, it can lead to business expansion, which is what you as a business owner would probably want.

Below, we outline some of the key components when devising this effective and no-frills digital marketing strategy for your business.

Have a great website

Very crucially, you need to be aware that your website is a representation of your business in the online arena. Make it as good as you believe your business is, if not more. A digital marketing agency or a professional website designer and developer can be of great help here. The goal is to make the site engaging, trustworthy, and easy to use for your visitors. As mentioned later on, you also need to make it properly optimized for search engines.

Tons of quality content

The concept of “build it and they will come” no longer applies today. Quality content is the flesh and blood of every marketing plan, and your website needs to be populated with tons of them. It is not a matter of churning out article after article, but knowing and planning how effective each article is going to be.

This needs to part of an overall content strategy that includes, among other things, an editorial calendar, a social media plan, ways and tools to measure engagement, and much more.

Optimize your website for search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is going to be another key consideration in your digital marketing strategy. The content you produce should not just be reader friendly but search engine friendly too. If search engines do not know your website exists, you can bet that nobody else will too. A good SEO plan should focus on keyword research, link building strategies, and regular website updates among other things.

If done right, your website’s organic traffic will increase gradually over time. This may be more of a mid-term plan, but is well worth the effort due to its long lasting effects.

Focus on landing page optimization

Should you decide to go the paid traffic route (consisting paid search, display ads, social media marketing etc), it is crucial that you focus on optimizing the conversion rate of your landing pages. For example, instead of having 1 enquiry per 100 website visitors, you can possibly achieve 5 to 10 enquiries through good optimization.

Aim to create one that is user-friendly and showcases your unique selling points to maximize on conversions such as sign-ups and registrations. You can read up more about tips for optimizing your landing pages here.

Leverage on social media

Contrary to what many marketers believe, social media marketing is not just about making a few posts on social networks every now and then while expecting a pandemonium of followers to flock to your website. There is plenty more than just a mere presence on social networks.

If you ask any online marketing agency, they will tell you that the most effective strategy on social media is interacting, exciting and engaging your potential and existing customers. In short, focus on creating relationships with fans and followers in order to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Leverage on Tracking and Analytics

It is hard to define success online if your marketing plan does not include a way of measuring the effectiveness of your efforts and money spent. With so many different online channels to leverage on, you need to know what works and what does not so you can appropriately allocate your budget. The last thing you would want is not getting the desired return on investment (ROI) without even knowing why.

This is where a suite of tracking tools will come in handy. After some simple setup and installation, tools like Google Analytics and KISSMetrics will allow you to measure everything from the sources of traffic to your website, what their behavior is like and why possibly they choose not to click on your Call-To-Action buttons. These tools are integral to any digital marketing campaign, and are precisely the reason for why digital media has gained the reputation of being far more measurable than any form of traditional media.


Depending on the scenario you are in, some may not call for the immediate creation of a digital marketing strategy. Here are 2 obvious ones that we can think of:

  • You could be totally skeptical on the effectiveness of digital marketing as you have never tried it
  • You could already have had your first foray into digital marketing through a basic technique like paid search and feel that it is enough

In any case, trust us that it is essential to draw up and stick to a sound strategy to achieve sustainable long term business success in a city like Singapore. If you have yet to, devise one yourself for a start or get in touch with a reputable digital marketing vendor to help you out with it. Make no doubt, the digital marketing bandwagon is at its prime now. Either hop on and reap the benefits, or be left behind.

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