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Daily Operations at a Digital Marketing Agency

Daily Operations at a Digital Marketing Agency

How a typical day in a digital marketing agency goes really depends on a wide variety of factors including the agency’s area of specialization, activities of different departments, strategic plans being undertaken, and clients being served. Due to the dynamic nature of the business, staff are likely to be working on a broad range of projects on any given day. Before we get into specifics on what a typical day at an agency is like, let’s first define what digital marketing entails and what a digital marketing agency actually does.

Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad concept that involves a wide spectrum of different online marketing strategies. To make things less overwhelming, let’s consider a few simple definitions. Digital marketing can be defined as targeted data-driven promotion of a brand or business using technology. Technology, in this case, includes mobile apps, websites, online videos, podcasts, as well as social media, paid search, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and other types of digital media. All the tools and channels a digital marketer uses are centered on the Internet.

The digital marketing arena involves different marketing components under one roof. The most common fields of digital marketing include SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, content production, website design, lead generation, strategy development, data reports, online reputation management, and related fields.    

Digital marketing is an extremely organized and highly targeted form of marketing that delivers measurable results at any given time. Data analysis and measurement are critical components of any digital marketing strategy. There is usually zero guesswork involved, unlike traditional advertising where a marketer simply pays for a TV or radio ad and pray that the message is seen or heard by a relevant audience. In digital marketing, strategies are continually measured, tested, and compared with similar campaigns to determine what is working and what is not working. You can measure results of a digital marketing strategy and make necessary adjustments to your strategy at the earliest time possible. Digital marketing is a multi-faceted form of marketing that may require enlisting the assistance of a digital marketing agency to reap maximum benefits from your efforts.

So What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

There are two ways of handling your digital marketing processes. You can either use a dedicated in-house team or department to handle all your company’s online marketing activities or hire a competent digital marketing agency to manage all your marketing needs while your company concentrates on other important aspects of the business such as production and delivery of services and products. A digital marketing agency has all the expertise, tools, and knowledge in diverse fields including website design, web advertising, online reputation management, and social media marketing just to mention a few.

The aim of every digital marketing agency in Singapore or anywhere else in the world is to promote your business or brand, build customer trust and loyalty, and increase conversions or sales. The agencies use digital technologies that are targeted, interactive, and measurable. A digital marketing agency allows you to handle all your online marketing tasks from one convenient place.

What Differentiates a Digital Marketing Agency from a Traditional Advertising Agency?

Unlike a traditional advertising agency, a digital marketing agency focuses on results-based marketing techniques and strategies in the digital world. It is a measurable marketing method that emphasizes on getting a positive Return on investment (ROI). 

A competent digital agency does not employ random “spray and pray” marketing techniques used by most traditional advertisers. Traditional advertisements via magazine ads or radio and TV spots are no longer as viable as they used to be in this digital age. They have been replaced by digital consultants, strategists, creative content developers, and social media experts who work together to deliver quantifiable results. A digital marketing agency does everything from brand development to lead generation and everything in-between.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

We’ve almost defined digital marketing agencies as internet superheroes but what exactly does such an agency do? Here are three major areas that almost every digital agency focuses on.

1. Improve Your Business

A competent digital marketing agency has all the necessary tools and skills to give your company’s marketing a complete overhaul. They have the necessary expertise to efficiently evaluate the marketing needs of your brand or business and develop an effective strategy that will maximize profits. The agency works with different sectors of your business to enhance productivity and efficiency. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you define your objectives more efficiently and set measurable goals.

There are many issues involved marketing data acquisition and targeting. Your in-house marketing team may not have all the important data about your target market. A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, knows who your ideal customers are and can analyze their buying journey better than you ever do on your own. These agencies have the skills and experience in diverse fields of digital marketing.

2. Promote Your Business or Brand

Digital marketing is all about enhancing your brand’s online presence. A digital marketing agency therefore works tirelessly to develop your brand’s online hub in several ways. The first step is usually by creating a highly effective website focused on attracting and retaining buyers. The website showcases your brand online. Once your website is up and running, the agency then focuses on identifying the best platforms and channels to reach ideal buyers. 

An experienced digital marketing agency will position your company or brand as a market leader in your niche by creating high-quality content that establishes you as an authority or expert in the niche. As an expert in online marketing, the agency will have a team of professionals equipped with the latest content strategies tailored to give your website the best possible ranking on search engine results. The agency will also create and implement the best social media marketing strategies that deliver the best ROI. A digital marketing agency can be of invaluable help in promoting your business online. 

3. Boost Your ROI

One of the major benefits provided by digital marketing agencies is a steady and reliable boost in your ROI. A better ROI translates to higher profits. The agency will always be testing and tweaking their strategies to improve your ROI and improve the efficacy of your marketing efforts. They will constantly analyze your website traffic, find the most effective channels to invest in, and find the perfect balance between your marketing expenses and the results you get from your efforts.

When you delegate your marketing tasks to a digital agency, you stand to gain more leads and conversions. That is what long-term sales growth is all about. When hiring a digital marketing agency, consider the results in terms of boosting your company’s online presence, more targeted traffic, and growth of your brand rather than the fees they’ll charge you.

Typical Daily Operations in a Digital Marketing Agency

Typical daily operations in a digital marketing agency revolve around diverse functions such as sales, business development, looking for marketing opportunities, meetings, and performance analyses of clients’ campaigns. 

The day starts with a series of meetings to discuss latest projects and evaluating the progress of on-going projects. The company’s marketing executives will also hold meetings with clients to simply touch base and give a brief report about the client’s projects. The content marketing department will most likely be working on press releases, blog posts, social media posts, and any other content marketing strategy. The analytics staff will be working on analytics reports, going over key metrics for each project, and make recommendations based on each campaign’s performance.  

It is also important to note that each digital marketing agency allocates a significant amount of time every day to areas the company specializes in. Many small agencies have specific areas of expertise. Some agencies specialize in SEO and paid search techniques while others tend to concentrate more on social media marketing and online reputation management. Large agencies capable of employing an army of professionals provide services in almost every aspect of digital marketing including e-commerce solutions and a host of other digital services. Each agency will naturally allocate more time to activities related to its areas of specialization. 

To get a clearer understanding of what goes on in a digital marketing agency on any given day, let’s consider the major activities of the content marketing department, which is an essential part of every agency. 

As we all know, every digital marketing agency is fueled by content. High-quality content is mandatory whether you are running SEO, PPC, email marketing, lead generation, or social media campaigns. Every digital marketing agency should have a team of skilled content marketers. Content marketers are normally tasked with the following duties:


A digital marketing agency focusing on the creation of content needs to have a proper understanding of the industry it deals in. Their staff has to stay up-to-date with emerging trends in all spheres of the industry from social media, SEO and paid search to mobile technology and web design. A significant amount of time is spent on research every day.

The agency does more than a person who specializes in producing content. You need to have a good understanding of effective ways of getting the content to the right audience. It makes no sense to create the best content if nobody sees it. Marketing trends are ever changing which is why research is such a crucial daily activity in every agency. The best digital marketing agency is usually staffed with people who have a genuine interest in everything digital. 

Planning and Strategizing 

Much of a digital marketing agency’s time is spent on trying to understand their target audience and planning strategies to reach this audience. Understanding respective audiences for different clients is a time-consuming exercise. There are several ways digital agencies use to understand the market from auditing the company’s existing assets to evaluating the company’s website and social media profiles. 

Content marketers will also spend a significant amount of time every day on keyword and influencer research as well as in finding the right topics to create content about. Digital marketers will also spend time brainstorming ideas and meeting other members of their team to structure a viable plan of attack. The meetings are done either done face-to-face or online. 


The kind of management work a digital marketing agency professional does depend on the company he or she is working for and the responsibilities the professional has been charged with. At the basic level, the work involves the creation of content and maintaining the content calendar.

At the management level, the work may involve handling either in-house or freelance content creators as well as determining where and when each piece of content is submitted, published, or shared. The work is all about project management and working within the provided budget. If the company is working on projects involving digital assets such as infographics and video content, the manager will need to handle professionals in creative departments including photographers, developers, and designers who could probably be from outside agencies. Managing and executing these tasks takes a lot of the manager’s time every day.

Content Creation

Content creation is an integral part of every digital marketing agency’s daily routine. Content marketers are always working on a particular writing or video production project at any given time. They write blog posts, social media posts, white papers, reports, and other types of copy on a daily basis. There is also time spent on interviewing sources for valuable input.

Writing and editing content is done by skilled professionals in this field. The quality of content you create can make a huge difference in the performance of your client’s website. Whether you are getting content from freelancers or in-house writers, it is important to have an expert editing team to ensure the content produced of the highest quality. The importance of publishing or posting quality content can never be overemphasized. 

Analytics and Performance Measurement

Digital marketing agencies spend a good amount of time every day analyzing and measuring how their campaigns have performed in the last few days. Clients will always demand value from the fees you charge them for your digital marketing services. The value is provided in the form of data and results of your efforts. This is why digital agencies invest a lot of time and resources in data acquisition and analytics. Every digital marketing agency has a framework in place to measure ROI on the basis of their research and the company’s objectives.

There are numerous tools digital agencies rely on to collect and analyze data. At the basic level, there is Google Analytics and other tools such as Omniture that provide insight on different aspects of each campaign. Many digital marketing agencies use advanced but more expensive tools to understand complex issues such as social conversions, A/B testing, and overall performance of PPC campaigns.


On a daily basis, every digital marketing agency in Singapore and elsewhere in the world offers a mix of services ranging from web design and development, SEO, and e-commerce consulting to social media marketing and online reputation management. It is, therefore, important for the company to have a diversified skill-set covering every aspect of the digital world. In their day-to-day operations, digital marketing agencies rely on a diverse range of skill-sets to provide their clients with the desired results. The agency must have the necessary knowledge and skills to work across multiple platforms. 

Their goal is to provide multiple internet-based solutions to a diverse base of clients. The solutions range from web design and development, server hosting recommendations, social media management, and blogging to mobile technology and SEO. The Internet is a fluid environment that is ever evolving. A digital marketing specialist should, therefore, be skilled enough to not only work across multiple platforms but stay updated with the technological changes as well. Today’s innovation could be tomorrow’s cliché thanks to the fast rate digital innovations. Every digital marketing agency, therefore, dedicates enough time every day to obtaining and using the latest innovations and technologies in the industry.

The most important thing a digital marketing agency considers when planning its daily activities is to ensure that its clients’ needs and goals are met. The agency aims at creating customized solutions for each client as each project comes with its own unique goals and requirements. Whether the agency is working on a web development project or a marketing campaign, it is important to ensure that everything is specialized to specific demands of the client. 

Helping a client to build a strong online presence requires a strategic plan. It involves analyzing target audiences, the competition’s strong and weak points, and the performance of on-going campaigns. Armed with this information, the digital agency can determine which areas need to be adjusted to attract more traffic and deliver the desired conversions. There is a lot that goes on in a digital marketing agency every day, not to mention lots meetings and coffee. 

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