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Current Content Marketing Trends in Singapore

Current Content Marketing Trends in Singapore

These days, content seems to be the buzz word in digital marketing circles. As search engine optimization (SEO) becomes even more complicated, pay-per-click (PPC) more expensive, and social media more competitive, content marketing is the new silver bullet for digital marketers all around the world. Singapore is no exception where shareable content is a top item on the menu of every digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Every digital marketer worth the title knows just how powerful content marketing has always been in propelling a company towards success in its marketing efforts. Rapid advances in technology have led to constant changes in other marketing methods but content marketing has always remained the same, which makes it one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing. While Google updates may affect your website’s ranking and PPC ads last for as long as you can afford to run them, content never changes. It stays forever as long as the site it is published on remains active. This is probably why a large portion of B2C markets rely on content marketing strategies.

Content marketing may remain the same over the years but we are seeing a drastic shift in trends as we move towards 2017. Here are some of the current trends in content marketing.

Visual content is still in high demand

It can be argued that visual content especially colorful pictures, videos, and infographics have literally taken over the internet. One of the major reasons for the growing demand for visual content is the fast internet connections speeds that have become available everywhere. Singapore, for instance, has one of the fastest broadband speeds in the whole world. Peak speeds reach up to 135.7 megabits per second and the country has 4G coverage across the island.

Availability of high internet speeds enables users to access images and videos on demand and at a faster pace. Another reason for the high demand for visual content is the fact that most people now want to receive information at a quicker pace in video and images as opposed to reading long blocks of text.

Content has become more people-centric in recent times

A majority of digital marketers across the globe emphasize on creating content that appeals more to the people than search engines. In the not-so-recent past, a substantial amount of web content was written mainly for search engine ranking. The focus has changed in recent times as every digital marketing agency strives to create content that is informative and valuable to the readers. Keywords are no longer generic but customer-centric. Every bit of content you find online today is sufficiently backed by images, videos, and audios. Today, content is produced with people, rather than search engines, in mind.

Customization is a key focus today

If you have been in and around marketing circles, you may have heard about Twitter announcing that it will be launching a customized news feed soon. Similarly in the apparels industry, you may have noticed that Nike will soon start selling customized sports shoes. Hence, customization is the name of the game today and content marketing has not been left behind. The trend is quite apparent in the way marketers are tailoring their content to suit individual stimuli. This has led to a growing demand for individually tailored content.

Mobile optimized content

Mobile marketing continues to grow rapidly as the number of smartphone users continue to increase worldwide. With the high-quality internet connectivity in Singapore, it is quite common to see people staring at their smartphone screens everywhere they go. This has made it imperative to create content that is engaging, alluring and immersive for the mobile market. Every digital marketing agency in Singapore today insists on clients making their websites mobile friendly if they want to tap into this huge mobile market.

Automation is the next big thing in content marketing

Content automation seems to be the big thing as we head into 2017. With the current automation technologies in place, marketers are turning to artificial intelligent tools to automate content creation, publishing, and management. However, the industry will require more education in the usage of such tools so as to not sacrifice on the quality of content. In general, automation should be used to add to the value of content rather than replace the sound strategic practices that only a human being can provide.


Due to the sustainability of content marketing, along with the extent of control it affords marketers, it is safe to say that it will be around for tens of years to come. For marketers that choose to leverage on digital content marketing for their businesses, they need to realize the importance of choosing content wisely, up-keeping its quality and delivering it through the most appropriate mediums.

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